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Dallas Liposuction - Plano Body Contouring

Suction assisted lipoplasty or liposuction is the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the United States. It is a predicable, easy way to reduce contours in select areas of fatty accumulation. Liposuction has a short recovery period, only moderate requirements for pain medication, and a very high rate of patient satisfaction.

Patients are required to wear a supportive garment over the treated areas for 4 weeks, and this must be taken into consideration when considering the procedure. Suction lipoplasty removes fat from those specific areas of the body with the use of a surgical vacuum and a specially constructed tube called a cannula. The most common areas treated are the outer hips (the “saddle bags”), the waist (the “love handles”), the abdomen and the inner thighs. Also popular are buttocks, knees, inner arms, and double chin areas. Men can get improvements in “love handles” and flank areas. The use of a combination of IV fluid and vasoconstrictor medication (tumescent fluid) injected into the tissues just prior to suction has dramatically lessened bruising and healing times.

The latest innovation, Ultrasonic Assisted Liposuction, uses tumescent fluid administration coupled with the “pre-melting” of fat with the ultrasonic probe prior to traditional suction removal. The ultrasonic approach allows for easier removal of the fat and may allow some tightening of the overlying skin. Sometimes liposuction is combined with other contouring procedures, such as a facelift, reduction mammoplasty, and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). It is a relatively simple procedure that provides the plastic surgeon a predictable tool for sculpting the body. The incisions are small and the recovery time is short.

After surgery a compression garment is to be worn 24 hours a day for 3-4 weeks. After 48 hours it may be removed for showering. The initial healing may produce a “woody” feeling in the treated area, and bruising is often present, but these rarely persist longer than 3-4 weeks. You may also experience a temporary numbness in the treated area within the initial healing.

Patient #1
Liposuction Before & After Photo
Liposuction Before & After Photo
Liposuction Before & After Photo
VASER assisted Liposuction

Patient #2
Liposuction Before & After Photo
Liposuction Before & After Photo
Ultrasonic assisted Liposuction