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Dallas Tummy Tuck - Plano Abdominoplasty

With so much attention focused these days on keeping fit and staying healthy, many people are taking a long look at their exercise and eating habits. Often, our patients will work hard at dieting only to lose the weight and retain excess hanging folds of skin. Abdominoplasty can be quite effective in removing the excess skin and restoring a trim look.

Abdominoplasty is most commonly known as a "tummy tuck". It is a surgical technique to remove the loose skin and fat of the lower abdomen and to tighten the underlying muscles. Stretch marks that appear on the lower abdomen as a result of pregnancy and past weight gain may also be removed during this type of surgery. This procedure does not replace dieting. It does, however, add a final touch once the weight has been lost and all that remains is the excess, flabby skin. It is sometimes performed at the same time as a hysterectomy or other types of pelvic surgery. Often times suction assisted lipoplasty is used as an adjunct procedure in addition to the abdominoplasty.

During your evaluation with Dr. Lester, he will note the amount and elastic quality of the excess skin, and the thickness and position of the subcutaneous fat. A determination is made as to the amount of soft tissue to be removed, and whether or not muscle tightening is required.

Incisions are placed low on the abdomen in the "bikini line" to make them as inconspicuous as possible. The excess skin and fat are then removed through the incision and the underlying muscles are tightened. General anesthesia and an overnight stay are frequently required for this procedure. Surgery lasts approximately three and a half hours to four hours. After surgery, a compressive garment (girdle or Velcro binder) is carefully fitted to apply uniform pressure to the treated area.

The compression garment is to be worn 24 hours a day for 3-4 weeks. For several days following surgery, it is recommended to walk "stooped over" and sleep with the hips in a flexed position to avoid tension on the lower abdominal suture line. The sutures and drains are removed in 7 to 10 days following surgery. A shower rather than a bath is allowed ONLY after any drains are removed.

The remaining scar requires several months to fade; however, it never completely disappears. Most styles of swimwear will conceal the scar completely. Scars look their worst at about two weeks; thereafter, they continually improve over several months. Bruising and swelling is most pronounced during the first 1-2 weeks, but is usually resolved by 6 weeks postoperatively.

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Tummy Tuck Before & After Photo
Tummy Tuck Before & After Photo
Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck with Muscle Tightening)