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Dallas Breast Lift - Plano Mastopexy

As time passes, pregnancy, nursing and gravity have adverse effects on women’s breasts causing them to lose their firmness and shape and begin to sag. A breast lift is a procedure in which the breasts are raised, the nipples are repositioned and the areolas (the darker skin around the nipples) may be reduced in size. If you have lost breast volume, implants may be used to restore breasts to their natural shape and size.

Those who plan to have more children may want to postpone surgery, as the process of pregnancy and breast-feeding may change the final result of the surgery. Still, many women elect to go forward with the surgery before having children, as the milk ducts and nipples typically are not affected during breast lift surgery.

A breast lift will enhance your appearance with firmer and more uplifted breasts. The best results are achieved on women with small, sagging breasts due to loss of skin elasticity. During the consultation, Dr. Lester will assess your physical and emotional health and discuss your specific goals for this procedure, as well as the risks and complications.
The surgery is performed in a hospital setting using a general anesthetic. After 2-3 hours of recovery you will be released to go home. You will be encouraged to move about, but not do anything strenuous, and within 5-7 days your stitches will be removed. You will experience bruising, swelling and normal discomfort for the first few weeks, but this will diminish. After a few months your breasts will settle into a more natural shape and the incision lines will begin to fade.

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Breast Lift Before & After Photo
Breast Lift Before & After Photo
Breast Lift without implant