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Dallas Breast Reduction - Plano Reduction Mammaplasty

Reduction mammaplasty is the surgical reduction of overly large breasts. Women who suffer from this condition have chronic neck, shoulder and back pain and find it difficult to obtain a proper fit in clothing. Some other problems that may indicate you are a good candidate for a breast reduction are; shoulder grooving, irritation and rash beneath your breasts, and difficulty with exercise and physical activities.

Enlargement of the breasts results in gradual stretching of the upper chest skin, varying degrees of breast sagging, and displacement of the nipples to a lower than normal position. The surgical correction of large breasts addresses each of those problems. The size and contour of the breast is reduced to a more normal size, and the nipple is restored to a proper position on the breast. This procedure ranks among the highest in patient satisfaction, and moreover, benefits patients of most any age. Before surgery, Dr. Lester will explain the procedure, the placement of the incisions, and the potential complications and answer all questions.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under a general anesthesia and usually takes 4 hours to complete. In most cases, the patient spends the night at the hospital and is released the next day. During surgery, fatty tissue in the breast, glandular tissue and excess skin are removed and the remaining breast is tailored to form a new uplifted, smaller breast shape. After your surgery, you will be placed in a surgical bra over gauze, which should be changed daily. You may have drains placed to allow excess fluid and blood to drain from the incisions. You can expect to have the drains and stitches removed within 5-7 days after surgery. The recovery period is from 4-6 weeks.

All incisions produce scars. Scars are hidden in natural folds as much as possible. During the initial months following surgery, surface scarring is undergoing maturation: scars begin to fade and flatten, and the underlying tissue softens and resumes its normal breast texture. Occasionally small "touch up" procedures are required to improve areas of unsatisfactory scarring.

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