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Breast Reduction Dallas

Women who express a desire to undergo Breast Reduction surgery are often not understood by their peers. People who do not deal with disproportionately large breasts do not understand the constant pain, discomfort and limitations overly large breasts can place on a woman. Large breasts cause chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. They also restrict certain activities and can make exercise extremely painful. Even sleeping can be uncomfortable and breathing can be impaired. Women with overly large breasts often have a difficult time finding clothing which fits. Not to mention, many times women with very large breasts often feel self-conscious of their breasts in social situations.

For any or all of these reasons and more a women may choose to seek out a Breast Reduction surgery. Dr. Fred Lester has successfully helped countless women live a more comfortable, confident life through Breast Reduction surgery. If you are tired of being inhibited by your breasts, take the first step by contacting our office and scheduling your consultation with Dr. Lester to learn more about how a Breast Reduction might improve your life.