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Dallas Eyelid Surgery - Plano Blepharoplasty

Aging causes the tissue surrounding the eye to begin to sag. "Bags" develop under the eyes and "crows feet" appear at the corners of the eyes. In the upper lid, the skin may begin to droop over the eyelid margin. All of these changes occur as a natural result of the aging process and most can be remedied with plastic surgery. During surgery, all of the tissue surrounding the eye is treated; the excess skin, the drooping eyelid muscles, and the fullness which is caused by fat. Natural appearing eyes with a rested look are he goal of blepharoplasty, and these can be consistently accomplished with very little discomfort and relatively short recovery time. Incisions made on the eyelid heal exceptionally well. Frequently this surgery is combined with face-lift surgery. Any concern about vision problems should be discussed with your ophthalmologist.

This surgery usually lasts about 2 V-i hours, and is performed on an "outpatient basis". Incisions are placed in the upper eyelid fold (about 1/2 above the lashes) and just below the lashes in the lower lid. Both of these incisions are minimally noticeable after the early postoperative period. Through these incisions, the excess skin is removed and the fullness produced by the excessive muscle and fat is trimmed.

Iced gel pads or ice packs during the first 24-36 hours following surgery will help reduce swelling. Your head should be elevated on pillows during the night, and sitting in an upright chair during the early postoperative days will reduce bruising. Sutures are removed between the fifth and the sixth day.

You can expect a feeling of "dry eyes" for the first few days after surgery. There are several artificial "tears" products on the market that provide relief. Bruising usually occurs around the eyes, and will recede within the first two to three weeks, along with any swelling. Final results are evident by the third month.

All incisions produce scars. Scars are hidden in natural folds as much as possible. Scars look their worst at about two weeks; thereafter, they continually improve over several months. Their final appearance is not evident for six to twelve months.